Every great movement needs funding to help it grow.

There are several ways to help us Bring Back Nice. Children ages 5-18 can become NICEkids™. Children age 10+ can become NICEkid™ Ambassadors. Visit the NICEkids™ page to take the pledge and join the movement.

NICEkid™ & NICEkid™ Ambassador Program
It costs approximately $10 to produce and ship the supplies for each NICEkid™ who signs up to be part of our movement, and $50 for NICEkid™ Ambassadors, to get them started. Ambassadors then host 2-4 community service activities throughout the year.

Through grants and the support of our generous donors, we are able to offer our NICEkid™ program at no cost to anyone who wants to participate. Our goal is make the NICEkid™ program accessible to all schools, community groups, and individuals.

Direct Support to the NICEkid™ program:

• $10 – I believe in NICEkids™
• $20 – Twice as NICE (Sponsor 2 NICEkids™)
• $50- Bring Back Nice to a NICEkid™ Ambassador
• $100-Bring Back Nice to 10 kids
• $300-Bring Back Nice to an entire classroom
• $500-Bring Back Nice to a community group (Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Sports teams, etc…)
• $1000-Bring Back Nice to an entire grade level
• $2500-Bring Back Nice to a community by supporting a NICEkid™ Ambassador for a year
• $5000 – Bring Back Nice to an entire school (Under 500 students)
• $10,000-Bring Back Nice to an entire school (500-1000 students)

Directed Donation Elsewhere:

Directed donations are used in the specific area(s) you choose. Please note the area in the notes section on the donation payment page.
• Where the need is greatest
• NICEkid™ Ambassador Program
• Books & Buddies Program
• Bully & Childhood Suicide Prevention
• New Programming
• Ongoing Research
• Capacity Building

Unrestricted Donations

Unrestricted funds will be used to create new programs, continue to bring awareness to bully prevention and awareness of childhood suicide, and cover costs of NICEkid™ Ambassadors to host a service project in their community. Unrestricted donations can be made in any amount.

Recurring Donation

Recurring donations are charged monthly until you revoke authorization. The amount of your donation can be updated at any time.

Dedication Donation

Dedication donations can be made on behalf of, in honor of, or in memory of a loved one.
In the notes of the donation payment page, please enter name to be dedicated and type of dedication. If you’d like the donation acknowledged to someone other than yourself, please submit name and mailing address as well.