Speaking Engagements

Currently, Izzi is available to speak at your school or community group. She will tell her story, answer questions, educate the audience in understanding differences in peers, encourage children who are sad or feel isolated to seek out help, and empower audience members to Bring Back Nice.

Age appropriate peer-building activities and discussion questions will be left with the organizing host to continue the bully prevention discussion.

Izzi and Lori will speak to adults at schools, community groups and parent groups about the importance of listening to children who are bullied, bully prevention, signs of suicidal ideation, demystifying the suicide conversation, and

To learn more about speaking engagements, contact us.

NICEkid™ Ambassadors

We are looking for kids around the country to not only take the NICEkid™ pledge, but to become Ambassadors of Nice. NICEkid™ Ambassadors will organize small service projects in their community, engaging others that have taken the NICEkid™ pledge. Ambassadors will also receive Bring Back Nice rubber bracelets to hand out. All NICEkid™ Ambassadors will receive a Bring Back Nice t-shirt.

Learn more about becoming a NICEkid™ Ambassador


Books & Buddies

There are many activities NICEkids™ can host, but our signature service project is Books & Buddies. Watching the news during the 2017 hurricanes that devastated Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, Izzi was taken by the images of children being carried by adults, most empty handed. She asked her mom if they got to take their favorite stuffed animal with them. When her mom explained that most of their belongings were destroyed in the storm, Izzi began collecting books and stuffed animals in her classroom. Izzi felt very strongly that every child should have a book to be read at bedtime, and a “snuggle buddy” to sleep with.

If you choose to host a Books & Buddies drive, Bring Back Nice will help you identify a family, or group of families in need due to a local disaster in your own community. Whether a big storm like a hurricane, a fire, flood, or other major event that causes a family the loss of their home, you can help Bring Back Nice to a family in need.


Coming Soon:

“66 Days To Nice,” a living journal that guides you to live a “nice” life. If you are between the ages of 9 – 13 an would like to be part of our first 100 NICEkids™ to try our journal as part of a test group, please have a parent email us at hello@bringbacknice.org